What makes me – me

Namaste folks!

So this is another Question/Answer game – Which I LOVE I usually take part in every single one of these swaps so here it comes:

Name: Vanessa Rebecca

Age: 23

Where You’re From:

Favourite Colour: I like a dark winered and turqouise

Favourite place to relax: I can relax almost everywhere, when I got a book and a place to sit I am happy.

Any Hobbies:  I like to see my postcardcollection grow. So I also LOHOHOHOVW to swap, I like being creative (in so many ways). I am very commited to El Salvador (I am working with the lutheran church in El Salvador since 2011). I love to learn about languages and culture of other countries, travelling is awesome!

One item you own that is irreplaceable: My Ipod. It contanis all my favourite music and my audio books (I can’t live without my audio books!)

Favourite book: I don’t really have one. The book I am currently reading is always my favourite 🙂 At the moment it is:

A good book. I’d recommend it! (No worries – there are no vampires 😉 )

Favourite film: Ohhh no no no. Ther isn’t just ONE film which is my favourite, I think I could tell you about 30 movies I love, but I will narrow it down to 3:

Dirty Dancing! One of my all time favourites. It is such a great movie!

This is a very good documentary about the street gangs in El Salvador. It is very touching and very brutal at some points, but I watch it often just to remind me that not everyone is as privileged as I am.

And last but not least – EVERY Disney movie. Especially the ones with the princesses. I love them all ♥♥

If you could travel anywhere in the world: If I could go anywhere I would go everywhere 😀 But on the top of my list is Perú. I want to see the lines of Nazca.

What inspires you: Ah Music. When I listen to good music ideas just come to my mind. I don’t know what I would do without music. I am listening to music at this very moment 🙂

What do you do: At the moment I do quite some things 😀 I study spanish and french at our university here to become a teacher. At the same time I am doing an internship at a Gymnasium (Would be something like a highschool) where I teach spanish once a week. And I also have to pay rent and postage (hehe) so I am working at a callcenter and do surveys with poor people over the phone ^^
Oh and from time to time I do lectures about El Salvador to raise awareness, but that is just once every few months.

Do you have/ want any pets?

Do you have any distinguishing features (freckles, moles, birthmarks, scars, etc.): I have very few moles and no birthmarks or freckles. I have plenty of scars, but they are all small and you can barely see them. So I’d say no :/

What do you do in your free time: Oh I don’t have very much free time (Don’t get me wrong I love what I do). Look at my hobbies, that is pretty much everything I do. Plus TV, meeting friends and going out.

Favourite outfit: Anything comfortable. I need a scarf and some earrings (I’d feel naked otherwise haha)

The journey you make most frequently: Back to my mothers house. It is about 30 minutes in train and I visit her about twice a month.

What is your hair like: I have long darkbrown curly hair and I usually wear it in a knot.

What is your favourite thing about yourself: I like my eyes and my lips.

What makes you happy: Lots of things. A good book, a yummy dish, time spent with the people I love – or just some chocolate 😀

What are you good at:  I am an ok cook and I am a good singer, I am good with the languages.

Are you organised or not: Very much not, but – the genius rules over the chaos ☺

Who do you love most in the world: There are many people I love very much, p.ex. my boyfriend, my sisters and my parents. I couldn’t decide which one I love the most.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life: Pupusas!! This is a great central american food. It is basically filled tortilla. They fill it with cheese, chicken, loroco, ayote or beans. And it comes with some hot sauce. It is sooo good!

How did doing this make you feel? It took some time, but it was fun


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