My last vacation

Namaste folks!

This is another swap for swap-bot! I think this is a very brilliant swap idea I had there (I know – self-praise stinks. Sorry) as I Love to travel and I love to learn about all the different corners of this world! The best idea God ever had was to give us different cultures, different languages and different point of views!
I enjoy it so much to meet new people and I am happy to let you know about my last vacation:


Last year I was 3 ½ weeks in Central America: in El Salvador!
You hear a lot of awful things about El Salvador and sadly they are almost all true. It is a very poor country and it is still struggling with the consequences of the military dictatorship and the bloody civil war.
Nowadays there are lots of streetgangs (Mara Salvatrucha/Mara 18), delinquency and poverty.

Neitherless, El Salvador is a BEAUTIFUL country with the nicest people and wonderful scenery. I had a great time and I met so many wonderful people and I definetly want to return one day!

I was lucky enough that I was able to visit a lot of different places! One of the most beautiful and impressive spots I went to was the park “El Boquerón”. “El Boquerón” is spanish for “the big mouth” and it is one of the biggest inactive vulcanos in the San Salvador-Area.

The second picture here shows the crater of the volcano. It is a beautiful little park where you can so many beautiful flowers and plants and it was very awesome to see an actual volcano. Even if it is inactive. I have never seen one before and it was a great day!

If you go to El Salvador you NEED to try some of this salvadorian food: Pupusas! Pupusas is claimed to be the ational food of El Salvador and you can get it at every corner for just 1-2 dollar. It is very delicious! As you can see on the picture, pupusas are round tortillas (made out of corn flour or rice flour) which are filled with different good things just as cheese and beans, chicken, pork, ayote (kind of pumpkin), shrimps….
Aside there comes a hot sauce and some vegetables in vinegar. It is soo good!

One of the best vacaions I ever had and I loved it!


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