Me from A-Z

Namaste folks 🙂

What a wonderful idea for a swap! I am sure this is going to be a little tricky, but I’ll do my best 🙂


A –  My sisters names are Annika and Mareike

B –  At the moment I am so addicted to the series Bones!

C – My fathers name is Christian

D – Making this list was REALLY difficult.

E – I spent my last holidays in El Salvador. It was pretty intense.

F – My favourite animals are Poison frogs. Not because they are poisoned, but because they are soo colorful ♥

G –  I think I use google about 20 times a day. When I hear of something I don’t know anything about I google it 🙂

H – I am terrified of heights. Worst thing ever..

I Indian food is the BEST!

J – I was born in January

K – I love my Kindle. I do not know how I survived without an e-book reader before 🙂

L –  I am happy I found Love. My boyfriend is the best that ever happend to me.

M – I live in the capital of Bavaria: Munich

N – Since about 3 years I’ve been learning Nepali. It is quite difficult

OOnce upon a time. Great series as well 😀

P –  I love and collect postcards. I am sooo adicted!

Q –  I once was in Qatar. Just at the airport thou. It is sooo hot there!

R – my middle name is Rebecca

S –  I am doing an internship at a school. I am teaching spanishthere.

T –  I like to go by train. It is so relaxing 🙂

U – My university is called Ludwig-Maximilian and is one of the best universities in Europe!

VVanessa (my first name) was an invention by Jonathan Swift.

W – I think Wicked is a great Musical!

X –  X-ray comes from Germany. Just like me 🙂

Y – I have never seen a Yak in my entire life.

Z – I can not think of any english word with z, so I take the german word Zirkus, wich means Circus. I do not like the Circus. I think Clowns are scary


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