A day in my shoes

Namaste folks!

Well now this is for a very nice swap and it is called a day in my shoes! And as the title states I will now try to introduce you to an every day-day of my life 🙂

This was yesterday:

My day started a little troubled I was up all night watching youtube (ya..I know, I should not ^^) So I had no time to have a decent breakfast. So I got a muffin on the way to work (yumm with cherries!)

I do not have a car (and I do not need one – you can get to everywhere in train, tramway, bus or subway) so I get to work by bus:

I need about 15 minutes to work. It is not very far away 🙂

This is the building I work in. It is the Steinway House, but I do not work with pianos (sadly). Right down the roof there is the telephone studio I work in. I know everybody hates to do surveys on the phone, but I am a student and I need the money. And I like it somehow 🙂

This is my workdesk. I need the coke so I wont fall asleep haha. I am very sleepy in the mornings..

After work I take the bus back to my place. I had this little idea of making a little video of my ride, so you can get a glimpse of how it looks like taking the bus in Munich. I hope you are gonna like it ^^

(Music: La Brassbanda – Ringelbleame)

I got home about 6 pm, then I watched some episodes of Once upon a time (I am so in love with Hook) and at about 7.30 opm my boyfriend got home from work.

I cooked: Mashed potatoes, vegetables and sausages

I read a little and then I got to bed. 🙂 And that was my day 🙂

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